Optical Non-Contacting Extensometers Offer Sub-Micron Precision

Sep 4, 2018

Epsilon ONE® high-precision optical extensometers measure axial strain with industry-leading resolution, accuracy, and speed. Innovative Instant Reset, Always On and Laser Alignment features maximize performance and increase testing throughput.

Why Non-Contact:

  • One system for many different tests, measuring ranges, and gauge lengths
  • Test through failure with high-energy specimens
  • Test fine, delicate specimens without unwanted influence or contact stresses

Why Epsilon ONE®:

  • Performance: industry-leading resolution, accuracy and ease of use
  • Instant Reset: ready to test in under 2 seconds
  • High Speed: cyclic testing at 100+ Hz and real-time data rates up to 3000 Hz
  • Precision by Design: better non-contact testing with Laser Alignment and Telecentric Optics