Extensometer Video Library

Learn about extensometers with these short videos showing extensometer applications, demonstrations and setups.


Epsilon ONE® – non-contacting extensometer applications

Model 3542 – metal tensile test

Model 3442 – small specimens / small gauge lengths

Model 3543 – rebar tensile test

Model 3442AVG – composite material tensile test

Model 3800 – rubber tensile test

Product Demonstrations

Epsilon ONE® – non-contacting extensometer

Model 3542 – quick attach for a tensile test

Model 3549 – high-temperature extensometer “hot mount”

Model 3540 – deflectometer applications

Model 3590VHR – extensometer calibrators

Model 3590VHR – calibrator software

Installing the Extensometer, Setup

Model 3549 – high-temperature metals [setup]

Model 3442 – small tensile test specimens [setup]

Model 3575 – extensometers for Poisson’s ratio [installation]

Model 3421 – composite sandwich core shear strain [installation]

Model 3550 – tension-torsion extensometer [setup]

Model 3544 – rock and concrete circumferential extensometer [setup]

Model 3448 – high-temperature metals testing [setup]

Model 3800 – rubber tensile testing [setup]

Optical Non-Contacting Extensometers

How to Determine What Field of View You Require

Learn About Telecentric Lenses for Extensometers

Marking Specimens for Testing with Epsilon ONE®

Touch Interface for Epsilon ONE®