Rock, Concrete and Asphalt Extensometers

Model 3542RA

Averaging Axial Extensometers for Large Compression Samples
Model 3542RA2
Designed primarily for compressive strength tests on rock, concrete and other large compression samples, this model measures axial strain on opposite sides of the test specimen, and the output is an average of the two readings. +

Model 3442RA1

Miniature Averaging Axial Extensometers
Designed for applications where tensile or compressive strength tests on small rock, concrete and other small compression samples is desired. +

Model 3544

Circumferential Extensometers
Designed for concrete and rock compression testing or for compression tests on other large samples. +

Model 3909

Extensometers for Simple Performance Testing of Asphalt

Designed for measuring axial displacements in the simple performance tests prescribed by NCHRP Report 465, and determining dynamic modulus of hot mix asphalt per AASHTO TP062. +

Model 3910

Extensometers for Creep Compliance and Tensile Strength Testing of Asphalt
Designed to many of the needs for testing asphalt core samples in 4 and 6 inch diameters. +

Model 3911

Extensometers for Indirect Tensile Testing of Asphalt
Designed to meet many of the needs for testing asphalt core samples in 4 and 6 inch diameters. +

Model 3975

Diametral Extensometers for Rock and Concrete Testing
Epsilon Technology Model 3975
Designed for accurate measurement of small diametral strains such as those required to determine Poisson’s ratio of rock, concrete and asphalt samples. +


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