3421 Sandwich Core Shear Extensometers
3442 Miniature Extensometers
3442AVG Averaging Axial Extensometers
3442RA1 Miniature Averaging Axial Extensometers
3448 High Temperature Extensometers (1200 °C)
3475 Miniature Transverse Diametral Extensometers
3540 Deflection Gages (Deflectometers)
3541 Fracture Mechanics Clip-On Gages
3542 Axial Extensometers
3542L Long Gauge Length Extensometers
3542RA Averaging Axial Extensometers
3543 Long Gauge Length Extensometers
3544 Circumferential Extensometers
3548COD High Temp Furnace COD Gages (1200°C or 1600°C)
3549 High Temperature Hot Mountable Furnace Extensometers (1200°C or 1600°C)
3550 Axial/Torsional Extensometers
3560 Bi-Axial and Axial Averaging Extensometers
3565 Bolt Extensometers for Proof Load Testing
3567 Rebar Coupler and Rebar Splice Extensometers
3575 Transverse (Diametral) Extensometers
3575AVG Sheet Metal r-Value Extensometers
3580 High Temperature Diametral Extensometers (1000°C)
3590 Digital Electronic Calibrators
3590AT Axial/Torsional Digital Electronic Calibrators
3590VHR Very High Resolution Digital Electronic Calibrators
3648 High Temperature, Low Strain Capacitive Extensometers (1200°C or 1600°C)
3800 High Elongation Extensometers
3909 Extensometers for Simple Performance Testing of Asphalt
3910 Extensometers for Creep Compliance and Tensile Strength Testing of Asphalt
3911 Extensometers for Indirect Tensile Testing of Asphalt
3975 Extensometers for Diametral Rock and Concrete Testing
4013 Averaging Extensometers for ASTM D5656 Shear Tests
4030 Submersible Extensometers and 4030COD Submersible COD Gages
7641 High Temperature Clip-On Gages (600 °C)
7642 High Temperature Un-cooled Axial Extensometers (600 °C)
7650A High Temperature, Low Strain, Extended Performance Capacitive Extensometers (1200°C or 1600°C)
7650 High Temperature Axial/Torsional Extensometers (1200°C or 1600°C)
7651 High Temperature XY Planar Biaxial Extensometer (1200°C or 1600°C)
7675 High Temperature Transverse Extensometers (600 °C)
Customized Extensometers
DSCUSB Digital Extensometer Interface
Epsilon ONE® Optical Extensometers
Epsilon ONE Applications
Epsilon ONE Advantages
Epsilon Shunt Calibration System
Knife Edges
Laser Extensometers
Shunt Calibration Modules
SGA Analog Signal Conditioners
VREF Modules

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