Customized Extensometers

Sometimes the test requires a customized version of one of our extensometers or COD gages. If you have special requirements and do not see it in our catalog, please contact us to discuss your application.

How Epsilon can help

38 EXTENSOMETER MODELS are available in many thousands of variations. Our focus on helping customers has led to the development of models to cover nearly any test method.

Operation of these, and all of Epsilon’s extensometers, are


using in-house calibration systems that are calibrated with Epsilon’s laser interferometer system.


to the materials testing community, you know we will be there to stand behind our products when your critical application requires it.

Extensometers for composites compression testing. Models 3542 and 3442 extensometers can be furnished to clip directly onto composites compression fixtures, such as for ASTM D695. These use specially made Quick Attach Kit arms for the customer’s fixture. Consult the factory for specifics. See also the Model 3442 Miniature Extensometer.

Bulge Test

Special biaxial extensometer for limiting dome height bulge tester for sheet metal formability testing. Simultaneous X and Y strain measurements are taken.

Fretting Fatigue Slip Sensor

Custom sensor for fretting fatigue test system. Measures very small fret slip amplitudes at frequencies up to 60 Hz. Capacitive sensor with full scale displacement of 100 microns.

High Temperature Bend Extensometer

High temperature bend fixture and 3 point bend deflection sensor for bend tests up to 1000 °C. Capacitive sensor allows very small full scale measurement of 100 microns. Includes radiant furnace, fixtures and controlled atmosphere chamber.

More information on custom extensometers

Model 4030 COD

Crack opening displacement gauge for use while submerged in non-corrosive liquids

Model 3442

For use with collet grips – extended knife edges and recalibration enable use in tight spaces such as testing metals using collet grips

Shown below is a gallery of some of the custom and modified extensometers Epsilon has made for our clients.


If your unit is in need of service, calibration or repair, initiate the RMA process with us and we will be happy to assist.

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Our 2022 Extensometer Catalog, Version 110 is now available! Not finding something you’re looking for? Ask us about a custom quote.

Looking for a custom solution?

Special test needs can be accommodated by modifications to existing standard models. If you have special requirements and do not see it in our catalog, contact us to discuss your test requirements.