X-Y Planar Biaxial Extensometer Operates in Biaxial Strain Control up to 1600 °C

Sep 14, 2016

Investigators studying material responses to X-Y stress states have a new, high-precision tool for biaxial strain measurement. The Model 7651 measures X-Y biaxial strains without crosstalk at temperatures up to 1600 °C.

Designed for planar biaxial fatigue in strain control and combined X-Y tension testing, the extensometer’s automatic gauge length mechanism and slide mount enable mounting to hot specimens after they have reached temperature equilibrium. Specimen contact occurs via ceramic rods that are dimensionally stable up to 1600 °C.

Only one, room temperature calibration is required which will work at all test temperatures.

Influence from common external vibrations are minimized due to special extensometer design features and rigid frame mounting.

The Model 7651’s accuracy and signal quality vastly outperform non-contacting extensometers.