Axial/Torsional Extensometer Measures & Controls Axial and Shear Strains up to 1600 °C

Sep 8, 2016

Axial/torsional fatigue testing in strain control as well as combined tension-torsion monotonic tests can be performed with precision using the Model 7650 biaxial extensometer. Specimen contact occurs via ceramic rods, enabling combined axial and shear strain measurements at temperatures up to 1600 °C. The extensometer is compatible with furnaces and induction heaters.

The extensometer uses Epsilon’s slide mount and automatic gauge length system, which enables mounting to hot specimens after they have reached temperature equilibrium. The system sets gauge length accurately at all temperatures without user intervention. Additionally, the extensometer’s design enables use of one, room temperature calibration at all test temperatures.

Influence from common external vibrations is minimized by special extensometer design features and rigid frame mounting. Combined with user-selectable filters, these features maximize signal quality and strain control performance.